"Moving you for optimal therapy and ultimate fitness"

That's exactly what we represent, a group of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Pilates specialists coming together to make you feel the very best, every day.

Established in 2005 in bustling Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, physiomoves started as a small boutique studio with Kath at the helm, her objective being simply, to help people feel better. She assisted clients in recovering from injury, alleviating pain and improving their general fitness.

In the time since physiomoves opened its doors, it has grown and evolved into a renowned centre of excellence providing the highest quality Pilates exercise both for rehabilitation and fitness. Our clients range from children to seniors and everyone in between, many having been with us since day 1! We help them in rehabilitation of spinal pain, musculoskeletal and other sporting injuries as well as providing them with the best in fitness training.

The team has also expanded since the beginning. Kath is still at the helm but now she takes pride in leading a fantastic team of health professionals all having extensive training in the Pilates method, all with the same passionate aim…to help others.

Physiomoves still operates out of a small boutique studio that boasts exclusivity and a friendly atmosphere but all our clients feel like family. We have brand new, state of the art Pilates equipment and a clean, comfortable studio with a warm ambience to make your Pilates experience with us effective and enjoyable. We also know how to have fun so you will always leave with a smile on your face (and probably some sweat on your brow!!). At physiomoves, you become part of the team that works towards achieving your goals, an active approach to your well-being. We provide education of the issues at hand, motivation and assistance to recover and increase your awareness of your body, posture and relevant lifestyle factors to empower you to help yourself. This is vital in the maintenance of good health and in the prevention, or reoccurrence of, injury.