Myotherapy is a form of hands on therapy focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction. "Myo" means muscle and these highly trained therapists work on the soft tissues of the body to improve muscular strength and flexibility and increase joint mobility and of course alleviate pain and other symptoms that arise from injury.
Various modalities can be used such as:

• Soft tissue therapy
• Stretching of muscles
• Trigger point therapy
• Myofascial dry needling
• Heat therapy
• Advice on corrective stretches, exercises and postures

Myotherapists treat a wide variety of conditions such as:
• Acute musculoskeletal sprains and strains
• Chronic neck and back pain
• Scoliosis / kyphosis
• Headaches / migraines
• Traumatic injuries
• Overuse injuries
• Sporting injuries
• Muscle imbalances
• Arthritis / multiple sclerosis
• Pre and post natal problems
• Postural deviations
• Chronic fatigue syndrome / fibromyalgia
• Emotional stress / associated tension
Benefits of myotherapy treatment include:
• Decreased pain
• Increased flexibility of muscles
• Increased mobility of joints
• Increased circulation of the lymphatic system
• Increased blood flow to the injured area, promoting healing
• Decreased muscle tension
• A sense of relaxation
• Lower stress levels
• Stimulation of the processes involved in the elimination of metabolic waste
• Greater mind-body connection
• Improved awareness of posture, body and biomechanics
At Physiomoves, our myotherapists perform a comprehensive assessment; taking any relevant medical history, details of the presenting injury and conduct a thorough physical examination. Of course, there is a close liaison between the myotherapist and the client's Pilates practitioner so any relevant information can be exchanged. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures the best possible outcome for the client.