This is the initial session at physiomoves. A comprehensive assessment is performed by a Physiotherapist, Osteopath or one of our Instructors and a Pilates plan is set.
Together with you, we form a program that will best meet your objectives, satisfy your needs and fit in with your lifestyle.
In this session you will gain a greater understanding of the Pilates method, your movement patterns and the concept of core stability. You will be taught how to effectively recruit those elusive deep, postural muscles.
Probably the most “intense” of all the sessions, in terms of information, but definitely the most important so that we can gain a precise understanding of the way you move and any dysfunction in these motor patterns. Also equally important from your perspective as the ability to effectively engage the core muscles is paramount to the smooth, coordinated movement Pilates exercises demand. Using concentration and focus with each and every exercise makes all the difference in the results you can expect, embracing the Pilates principle of mind-body connection.

Pilates private sessions

These sessions follow on from the initial assessment and build on the basics you have already been taught (and of course diligently practised at home!) so that we can build a framework for your personalised Pilates program. Your Pilates practitioner will take you through a large range of exercises on al the various Pilates apparatus so we can build an extensive repertoire for a program design with interest, diversity and effectiveness.
Many people opt to stay with private consultations on an ongoing basis as they prefer to have the practitioner’s time and attention exclusively.
Others elect to move into a semi-private (duet) session, sharing the time with another person. This is a great way to have an intense Pilates session with a great deal of supervision in a more cost-effective way.

Pilates group sessions

Most of our clients select group sessions as their preferred option, as it is a great way to enjoy an individualised Pilates workout with close supervision and enjoy the social interaction of working with others in the room. It is also the most cost-effective way to participate in regular Pilates sessions at Physiomoves.
Although we like to have fun and make your experience at Physiomoves pleasant, you will work hard during your session to maximise the benefits. We promise to challenge you and vary your program each time you come in so that you can continue to progress and gain even more of the wonderful benefits Pilates has to offer.
We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality Pilates exercises and boast an unbeatable attention to detail and close supervision. It has been said many a time we have “eyes in the back of our heads” to catch any aberrations to an exercise or lack of concentration. You have been warned!
Physiomoves has a unique format of group classes designed specifically to best meet our clients’ needs. There are two streams to choose from once you have completed your private sessions and are ready for group sessions.

  • Physio-led stream:

  • designed for those clients that require closer attention by a Physiotherapist; either because they have ongoing, or a multitude of, musculoskeletal problems that may vary in presentation regularly so need their exercises varied accordingly. More of a rehabilitation type class.

  • Instructor-led stream:

  • these sessions are the most popular, aimed at overall fitness. After the initial private sessions have been completed, any major issues have usually been addressed and clients can enjoy more a “mainstream” program. If there are any specific concerns, the Physiotherapist or Osteopath will have highlighted these and liased with the supervising instructor so that extra attention can be given where required. All exercise programs at physiomoves are designed to manage any problems, musculoskeletal or other, as ascertained in the initial sessions and are monitored constantly and varied accordingly to ensure we stay on top of things. Of course all our instructors are highly qualified and trained in injury management and rehabilitation so you can rest assured there is always an excellent health professional leading the session. Our team works very closely together; any issues concerning clients are discussed appropriately and discreetly so that we can look after you in the best possible way, every time.

Reassessment sessions

After clients complete their current program, usually ten sessions, a reassessment is performed by one of our physiotherapists or osteopath. In this session, we can evaluate how the program evolved over time and how the client has progressed. New objectives and guidelines can be set and a program to suit these parameters is formulated. These sessions are always pleasing for both the therapist and the client because it’s always amazing to gauge the progress and we love taking our clients to the next level!
Ensuring regular reassessment means that we can continue to challenge you and set greater objectives to aim towards, thereby reaping even greater rewards the Pilates method provides in ultimate fitness and mind-body connection.