Trapeze or Cadillac


The Trapeze table is often the jaw dropper when someone new walks into a Pilates studio. It is the ultimate in adding a gravity challenge to your workout.

As a piece of equipment it looks pretty intimidating – it is about 180 cm tall. When people first see it they often laugh uncomfortably and joke that it looks like a medieval torture device. There are so many elements to the machine: leg springs, arm springs, fuzzy loops to hang from, a push-through bar to stretch you out, and even a trapeze.

The trapeze was the original add on accessory to the machine which is why it is also known as a “trap” table.


 Pilates lore has it that eponymous Joe created the prototype Cadillac to enable bed ridden patients to exercise. His design was simple – a hospital bedmattress springs attached to the wall. The design has definitely evolved over the years and so have the exercises and stretches one can do on the Cadillac.